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~Meet your speakers~


Divine Love Activation - 8AM-9AM PDT

with Veronica Parks

In this session we will explore your multidimensionality and hidden abilities and upgrade your spiritual team. We will travel to the 11th dimension to activate the Divine Love within you and enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. You will simply place your angelic self in charge to receive exactly what is right for you.


Rainbow Light Activation For Self Love- 9AM-10AM PDT

with Tania Smith

Meditate with Tania using rainbow light for chakra balancing and an energetic transmission with the healing energies of Rose Quartz. Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love, and we will use these frequencies to to release blockages from unexpressed emotions, open the heart chakra and gain wisdom into how to go further into self love.


Fix Any Outer World Problem Using Your Chakras- 10AM-11AM PDT

with James Seriph

We will explore how your energetic patterns were created that manifest your outer world, and will leave you with a deep understanding of the area to place your focus in this next season of your life - we will also release the dominant holding pattern holding you in a repeating cycle of behavior so you can actually implement this change.


Rev Up Your Money Magnet - 11AM-12PM PDT

with Lisa Thomas

 Our thoughts, feelings, actions and results are being controlled by the limiting money beliefs and traumatic money experiences of your ancestors that were passed down in your cellular memory. Good news, though. You can break free – and finally attract the wealth that is your spiritual birthright.

In this Activation you will release the inherited Emotional DNA that Is repelling Money and limiting your Wealth.


Activate Your Third Eye and Master Your Intuition - 12PM-1PM PDT

with Alain Torres

It's time to cut your learning curve and prevent yourself from experiencing unnecessary and often painful mistakes on your journey. Learn how Alain Torres’ thousands of hours of Meditation, hundreds upon hundreds of plant medicine Ceremonies, and studying with the world's most powerful healers and Shamans can help you do exactly this. You'll get only the essentials needed to succeed, so you can quickly eliminate the blocks preventing you from experiencing joy, success, happiness, and abundance!

Now is the time to gather in community

and activate the dormant power within us

Now is the time to reclaim our energy

and shift through the changes with ease and grace

~Hear it from others~

Dave Vanhoose- Motivational Speaker

I've been struggling with my energy level and my health. Veronica Parks system has changed my life! What it did for me, it was easy and simple.

Today I'm noticing that some of my bad habits have just gone completely away, I have more energy, I'm looking younger, feeling better and more importantly is that all areas of life have been improving.

Jose Elizondo- Founder of Fastlane Marketing

Veronica works on your subconscious in the way that after you’re done, everything seems in the state of flow, success results insist on happening, and everything just seems to line up!

After working with Veronica I found a lot of clarity. I didn’t realize that I had things holding me back from a life of abundance and success. What I really liked about working with Veronica is that she made it seem like an effortless meditation.

Allen Kares- Founder of Project Immagine

Attending the SoulBath Retreats gives me the opportunity to learn about the wide variety of healers and their wisdom which is shared with a common purpose of furthering my soul’s healing and ascension. What a treat of loving energies! Veronica, thank you for bringing together these masters of healing and all the Angels. I’m delighted to be a part of this beautiful SoulKin community.

~Meet Your Host~

Veronica Parks

Soul Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Veronica is a Master Soul Healer and spiritual teacher. She is the founder of the Angels Gate Academy, a spiritual road to Self-Mastery. Using the Soul Healing System method, Veronica Is able to help people clear past trauma and karma and activate their light. Veronica guides group spiritual and emotional journeys through time and other dimensions to reprogram people’s minds and bodies. Using an intuitive approach to energy healing, holistic nutrition, timeline therapy, hypnosis, NLP and channeled messages, Veronica's methods clear the hurt holding people back from experiencing true love, acceptance, and appreciation.

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